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Rosa Parks [suffered] many hardships throughout her life as a result of her act of [bravery]. She [lost] her job at the department store and her husband lost his job. They were [forced] to leave Montgomery because they couldn't find [work]. Rosa moved with her husband and mother to Detroit, Michigan, where they [started] a new life.  Rosa obtained a job [as] a secretary.  In 1987, Rosa with a friend [founded] the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development. The institute introduces people to important [civil] rights. In 1992, Rosa published her [autobiography] "Rosa Parks: My Story". Rosa received many [awards] during her lifetime. One of Rosa's [biggest] achievements was the Springarn Medal, which is the NAACP's highest award. Some of her other awards were the Martin Luther King Jr. Award, the Presidential Medal of [Freedom] Award (awarded by Bill Clinton), the Congressional [Gold] Medal, and she was also [named] one of the 20 [most] influential people of the twentieth century. Rosa passed away quietly in her apartment on October 24, 1995. Rosa Parks was a very [influential] woman who will always be [remembered]..


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