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1) Which one is a square number? a) 90 b) 8 c) 36 d) 5 2) The binary form of a number is 1010. Choose the decimal form. a) 10 b) 5 c) 101 d) 20 3) Which one is NOT a prime number? a) 7 b) 2 c) 1 d) 11 4) Choose the prime factorization of 24. a) 2^3\times 3 b) 3\times 5\times 7 c) 4\times 6 d) 3^3\times 5 5) How many divisors does the number 36 have? a) 6 b) 7 c) 8 d) 9 6) The decimal (base-10) form of a number is 12. Choose the binary (base-2) form. a) 1001 b) 1100 c) 1010 d) 100 7) Which number is multiple by 12? a) 1512 b) 1215 c) 1503 d) 1602 8) What digit can be written in the place of x if the 5-digit number 5523x is divisible by 6? a) x\in(0;3;6;9) b) x\in(3;9) c) x\in(0;6) d) x=6 9) Joe has swimming lessons every fourth day and diving lessons every third day. If she had a swimming lesson and a diving lesson on May 3, when will be the next date on which she has both swimming and diving lessons? a) May 12 b) May 15 c) May 10 d) May 30 10) Choose the TRUE statement. a) The greatest common divisor of two integers is always smaller then each number. b) The greatest common divisor of two integers can be equal to 1. c) The least common multiple of two integers is always greater than each number. d) The least common multiple of two integers can be smaller than each number. 11) Choose the FALSE statement. a) If an integer is divisible by 4 and 3 then it is necessarily divisible by 12, too. b) If an even number is divisible by 5 then it is also divisible by 10. c) Every number divisible by 12 is alo divisible by 6. d) A number is divisible by 54 if it is divisible by 6 and 9. 12) Choose the integer which os NOT divisor of 134 550 a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 9


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