1) What is the first day of the week? a) Tuesday b) Saturday c) Monday 2) What day comes after Monday? a) Wednesday b) Tuesday c) Friday 3) The weekend is made up of which days? a) Sunday b) Thursday c) Saturday d) Monday 4) Which day comes before Thursday? a) Sunday b) Friday c) Wednesday 5) What day is after Friday? a) Thursday b) Saturday c) Monday 6) The day before Friday is...? a) Wednesday b) Tuesday c) Thursday 7) If today is Monday, what day was yesterday? a) Saturday b) Tuesday c) Sunday 8) How many days are in a week? a) 10 b) 7 c) 5 9) How many hours are in a day? a) 24 b) 12 c) 10 10) If today was Sunday, what day would it be tomorrow? a) Saturday b) Monday c) Thursday 11) Which is spelt correctly? a) Munday b) Monday c) Mondey 12) Which one is the correct? a) Thursday b) Thirsday c) thursday 13) Which one is right? a) Wensday b) wednesday c) Wednesday 14) Can you choose the correct spelling? a) Satday b) Saterday c) Saturday




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