1) Beijing used to be known as...? a) Peking b) Hong Kong c) Shanghai d) Xi'an 2) The capital city of People's Republic of China is...? a) Xi'an b) Hong Kong c) Beijing d) Shanghai 3) How many rooms are there in the Forbidden City? a) 3000 b) 7000 c) 5000 d) 8000 4) Which is largest public square in the world? a) Piazza del Campo, Italy b) Red Square, Moscow c) Tian'anmen Square, Beijing d) Times Square, New York 5) When was the Great Wall of China built? a) over 2,000 years ago b) 100 years ago c) around 500 years ago d) 800 years ago 6) Which is the terracotta army located in China? a) Beijing b) Xi'an c) Shanghai d) Chengdu 7) Where is the Giant Panda's Centre located in China? a) Beijing b) Xi'an c) Shanghai d) Chengdu 8) What is the main language people speak in Hong Kong? a) Cantonese b) English c) Mandarin d) Spanish 9) What does Shanghai mean in Chinese? a) the north capital b) upon the sea c) the west peace d) Fragrant Port 10) What do giant pandas mainly eat? a) bamboos b) bacon c) fish d) beef 11) Which city has been the capital of 13 dynasties in ancient China? a) Beijing b) Shanghai c) Chengdu d) Xi'an 12) Which is the following cities was British colony from 1842 to 1997? a) Hong Kong b) Shenzhen c) Macau d) Shanghai





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