1) Lucy's grandma met her at school on Fridays. a) b) 2) On Mondays, Lucy's grandpa fetched her from school. a) b) 3) Lucy liked to look at suits in a suit shop window. a) b) 4) Lucy liked to look at costumes for rent in a shop. a) b) 5) Lucy got a lollipop every Monday. a) b) 6) Lucy and grandpa chatted a lot on the trip home. a) b) 7) Lucy expected a lovely birthday gift from her grandpa. a) b) 8) Lucy's Aunt Trudy sent her some judo lessons as a gift. a) b) 9) Lucy was glad to get Aunt Ruby's judo lessons. a) b) 10) Lucy was a good swimmer, and now she had flippers and goggles. a) b) 11) Lucy got a gorilla suit from Grandpa. a) b) 12) Lucy was glad to get a pink tutu from Grandpa. a) b) 13) Lucy felt a gorilla suit would be more fun than a tutu. a) b) 14) Lucy's mum said to give the tutu back to Grandpa. a) b) 15) Lucy said she would like a wet suit. a) b) 16) Lucy's mum will secretly exchange the tutu for a wet suit. a) b) 17) Lucy's mum said it was best to tell Grandpa the truth. a) b) 18) Mum told Lucy that Grandpa was a very good swimmer too. a) b) 19) Lucy rang Grandpa and said, "I don't like that tutu". a) b) 20) Over cake, Lucy will ask Grandpa about swimming, and if she can exchange the tutu for a wetsuit. a) b)




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