1) How many FEYA groups are there this year? a) 9 b) 6 c) 4 d) 8 e) 7 2) How many male tutors and how many female tutors are there a) 50% female 30% male b) All male c) All female d) 3/5 e) 3 female and 4 male 3) Which subjects can you study in FEYA (depending on your Group)? a) maths, English, ICT, Work experience b) Business, Maths, ICT, English, Humanities c) ICT, English, Citizenship, Maths d) Science, Maths, ICT, English, Art e) All of the above f) None of the above 4) What happens if you are late for class? a) Nothing b) Catch up and a note on promonitor c) You miss work and make less progress 5) Which is an activity you can't do? a) Visit Southend b) London Museums c) Take part in English National Orchestra d) Go shopping in Westfield e) Cinema trip 6) Tell me about the current Student Union President. a) his name b) What he studied before c) What events he does d) I don't know 7) What can you study when you finish ESOL 16-18?  a) anything you like b) it depends on your level of English, your tutor will tell you about progression events and options in March/April c) Adult ESOL 19+ if you are over 19 next year d) you can only do FEYA for one year. 8) If you like Sport, what can you do? a) tennis b) badminton c) football d) netball e) games tables like table football and table tennis f) swimming 9) Which ESOL English qualifications can you do? a) Speaking and Listening b) Reading, Speaking and Listening c) Reading, Speaking and listening and Writing 10) What goes on Promonitor? a) Absence notes b) Targets c) Disciplinaries d) Progress Reviews e) Cause for Celebration f) None of the above

Introduction to FEYA 16-18 Quiz




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