1) I like..... a) watching Netflix. b) go shopping. c) ride a bike. d) play football. 2) Lucy ______ to music. a) like listen b) likes listen c) likes listening d) like play football 3) Jack and Bob ________. a) like read comics. b) love reading comics. c) love read comics. d) doesn't like reading comics. 4) Bob ___________. a) doesn't like watching TV. b) like going shopping. c) hate eating vegetables. d) love eating popcorn. 5) Emilly ___________. a) loves eating pizza. b) hate eating fruit. c) don't like playing volleyball. d) likes talk on the phone. 6) I _______. a) hate going shopping. b) hate go shopping. c) doesn't like going shopping. d) don't like go shopping. 7) My parents _________. a) doesn't like surfing the internet. b) don't like surf the internet. c) hate read comics. d) love going shopping. 8) You ___________. a) don't like riding your bike. b) doesn't like listening to music. c) hates staying up late. d) hate stay up late. 9) Michelle and I __________. a) like meet our friends. b) love meet our friends. c) love meeting our friends. d) doesn't like meet our friends. 10) My mum ________ . a) loves talking on the phone. b) don't like talking on the phone. c) loves talk on the phone. d) hate talking on the phone. 11) Kate and Chris _________. a) don't like riding their bikes. b) don't like surf the internet. c) don't like eat fruit. d) loves riding their bikes. 12) Kate ________. a) like watching videos on the internet. b) likes watching videos on the internet. c) don't like watching videos on the internet. d) doesn't like watch videos on the internet.




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