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How many people are there in your family? Who are they?, How many grandparents have you got? How often do you see them?, How do your parents earn a living? (= what are their jobs) Talk about it., What does your family usually do on Sundays? Talk about it., Who’s the oldest in your family? Who’s the youngest? Talk about them., How many cousins do you have? What do you do when you see them?, Do you have any great-grandparents? If so, how old are they?, Do you have any family living or working abroad? Talk about them., Pick a family member. Describe looks (= outside) and character (= inside)., Does your family eat meals together? What else do you do together?, Who does the housework in your family? (e.g. cooking, cleaning, washing), Talk about the relative you like most. Say why you like him or her., What do your parents look like? Do you take after them? (= look like them), Are there any rules in your family? What are they? Do you think they are fair?.

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