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Thane of Fife - Macduff, Mind full of scorpions - Macbeth, The worm that's fled - Fleance, Infected be the air whereon they ride - Witches, Heart so white - Macbeth, Shakes his gory locks - Banquo, Twenty mortal murders on his crown - Banquo, Loses his chicks and their dam - Macduff, Puts on manly readiness - Macbeth, Keen to spite the world - Murderers, In blood stepp'd in so far - Macbeth, His grief converts to anger - Macduff, Father of many kings - Banquo, Wears fruitless crown - Macbeth, Secret, black and midnight hags - Witches, Aweary of the sun - Macbeth,

Macbeth character clues

by Anonymous


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