1) What is the capital of Yemen? a) Monaco b) Luxembourg c) Yemen d) San Marino e) Abu Dhabi f) Calgary 2) Which is the famous mathematician? a) Socrates b) Archimedes c) Thierry Henry d) Roger Federer e) Plato f) John Smith 3) Which was King of England first? a) Edward Longshanks b) Richard Lionheart c) Henry VIII d) Edward the Confessor e) Ethelred the Unready 4) Which 2 of these artists were from America? a) Dali b) Matisse c) Andy Warhol d) Roy Liechtenstien e) Damien Hurst f) Michaelangelo 5) Spot the odd one out? a) Oasis b) Leona Lewis c) Will Young d) Girls Aloud e) Lemar 6) Which of these films is about James Bond? a) Happy Feet b) Lord of the Rings c) Goldeneye d) Bruce Almighty e) The Mask 7) Name the oldest building a) Lincoln Cathedral b) Tower of London c) Wembley Stadium d) Millenium Dome e) Concord 8) Which of these countries speak Spanish? a) Peru b) Mexico c) Taiwan d) Zimbabwe e) Spain f) Indonesia 9) Name the poets a) Robert Burns b) Oscar Wilde c) Roald Dahl d) William Wordsworth e) Dylan Thomas 10) Which is the smallest bird? a) Condor b) Phesant c) Eagle d) Hummingbird e) Sparrow 11) How many points is a try worth in Rugby Union? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 e) 6 f) 7 12) Which continent would you find a wallaby? a) Europe b) Asia c) Australasia d) North America e) South America f) Africa 13) Where is Kabul the capital of? a) Iran b) Kazakstan c) Oman d) Afganistan e) Yemen 14) Which is not in Scotland a) Glasgow b) Edinburgh c) Stirling d) Berwick upon Tweed e) Aberdeen f) Fort William 15) What is the national sport of china? a) Yang-tse b) Table tennis c) Football d) Cycling e) Athletics 16) Who was the Viking God of Beauty? a) Thor b) Baldur c) Loki d) Odin 17) Who was the Greek Goddess of Beauty? a) Diana b) Aphrodite c) Helen of Troy d) Hera 18) Who has won most majors in golf? a) Seve Ballasteros b) Tiger Woods c) Jack Nicklaus d) Colin Montgomerie e) Ian Poulter 19) What would you watch from an obserbatory? a) The night sky b) The sea c) Caves d) Mr Patel's house 20) Which one is spelt correctly? a) Bcos b) Becouse c) Because d) Ya What????!!!
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