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1) What genre is the story? a) Horror b) Romance c) Action 2) When was the story set? a) In the future b) In the present c) In the past 3) Where was the story set? a) In a forest b) In a nursery c) In space 4) What was described as an 'evil wizard'? a) A Doll b) A Train c) Jack 5) Who died in the Great War? a) A distant Aunt b) The oldest boy c) The girls 6) How was Jack's box described? a) valuable, carved and painted b) blue, shiny and metallic c) smelly, dirty and scratched  7) What was in the toy box? a) Creatures b) Dressing up clothes, paper stars and old conjuring tricks c) A sandwich 8) How was the weather described in the story? a) Windy and raining b) Cold and cloudy c) Hot and sunny 9) How did Jack rise from the box? a) As fast as lightening b) Slow and steady c) Deliberately and intently 10) What was described like a 'pirate's treasure chest'? a) The mantle piece b) The toy box c) Jack

Don`t Ask Jack Comprehension Quiz


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