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Billy had £700 he spend it on an xbox 360 and it cost £255 how much do i have left? - 445, Ray had £200 in the bank, he then puts in £1400, how much does he have altogether - 1600, Bob had £10, he spent 10p. How much has he got left? - 9.90, Courtney & Courtney went the shop & bought two chocolate bars. She had £3, it came to £2.07. How much change should she have? - 93, Leon had £10, he bought some cherry bakewells for £2. Jamie lent him £7, how much money did he have left? - 15, Brandon has £4.50, he buys 5 stink bombs for 25p each. How much does he have left? - 3.25, Brandon has £15 from his birthday party. He gives his mum £3, how much does he have left? - 12, Alex had £60, he bought 2 video games for £8 each. How much does he have left? - 44, Steve goes trick or treating. He gets 19 sweets, he sells 6, how many does he have left? - 13, Lauren has £1000, she spends £632 on hair extensions and £8 on hair dye. How much does she have left? - 360, Shahni has £1000 and spent £532 on a hairdressers kit. How much does she have left? - 468, Lucy had £20 and spent £5 on make up. How much does she have left? - 15,

solve problem word qs add subtract level 4

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