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1) Which one of these sentences is in the PAST? a) I was at football practice on Monday afternoon. b) I go to football practice every day. c) I'm going to football practice next Monday. 2) Is there a SHORT FORM for the PAST SIMPLE of the verb TO BE? a) Yes, but only the third person singular. b) No. c) Yes. d) Only with proper nouns (nomi propri). 3) Which SUBJECT PRONOUNS are followed by WAS? a) All of them. b) The plural ones. c) The first and the third singular. 4) Is there a NEGATIVE SHORT FORM of the verb TO BE? a) No. b) Yes, but only for WERE = WEREN'T c) Yes, for all persons of the verb. 5) Tick the WRONG SENTENCES: a) She's at the party last night. b) We were studying yesterday afternoon. c) You were sick last week? d) They weren't not at the park last Saturday. e) He had an important test last month. 6) Tick the correct PAST TIME EXPRESSIONS: a) Last week b) Last month c) Last afternoon d) Yesterday afternoon e) A year ago. f) A morning ago 7) Which of these questions is in the CORRECT ORDER? a) When were you born? b) You were born when? c) Were you born when?

Past Simple to be/ to have


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