1) Every morning Jack ________________(get) up very early. a) got b) get c) gets d) is getting 2) Last week Sue ______________________(play) in the park. a) plays b) play c) is playing d) played 3) Yesterday the children _________________(make) a collage. a) make b) are making c) maked d) made e) makes 4) Jack and Tom always ____________________(help) their mom. a) helps b) helped c) are helping d) help 5) In the past pirates __________________(sail) in the sea. a) sail b) sails c) sailed d) is sailing 6) I often ____________________(post) letters at the Post Office. a) posted b) posts c) post d) is posting 7) The baker __________________(not bake) bread last Sunday. a) don't bake b) didn't bake c) doesn't bake d) isn't baking 8) We ______________________(not watch) a movie every day. a) doesn't watch b) don't watch c) aren't watching d) didn't watch 9) Katie _____________________(not walk) the dog every afternoon. a) didn't walk b) don't walk c) isn't walking d) doesn't walk 10) We _________________(have) a Meet session last week. a) has b) have c) had d) are having 11) All the children ____________________(be) at home every afternoon. a) were b) was c) is d) am e) are 12) __________________(play) chess every week? a) Do you play b) Does you play c) Are you playing d) Did you play 13) ____________________(study) English last Thursday? a) Did the kids study b) Do the kids study c) Are the kids studying d) Does the kids study 14) I ______________________(not be) at school yesterday. a) wasn't b) weren't c) isn't d) am not 15) ______________________(go) to work every morning? a) Do he go b) Does he go c) Did he go d) Is he going

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