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Dad has a crisis because Great Aunt Blodwen's coming to stay and she's a difficult character!, G.A.B has to stay in the narrator's (Jenny) room., Jenny's room is being redecorated to suit G.A.B. Her Sonic Death Watch posters are taken down and pink frills are put up., G.A.B arrives at their house., G.A.B criticises everything (the cooking, cleaning, their clothes) and everyone except for Alien!, Jenny is the one who is criticised the most; her actions, her clothes and the way she looks., It all gets too much for Jenny and she snaps at The Great Aunt From Hell., Jenny takes a cup of tea to The G.A.F.H while she's having a nap., Jenny knocks over a box of photographs and realises that one of the photographs is the G.A.F.H., The G.A.F.H wakes up and recognises herself in the photograph., The G.A.F.H and Jenny get on better and she realises how alike they are..

The Great Aunt from Hell


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