Energy - The ability to move or change matter, Renewable - Will never run out, Non renewable  - Used faster than they can be replaced, Terawatt - Equal to one trillion watts, Periodic Table - Tabular display of the elements arranged by atomic number, Solar - Electricity generated by the Sun, Geothermal  - Electricity generated by the heat in the earth, Silicon - Atomic number 14 Si, Phosphorous - Atomic number 15 P, Boron - Atomic number 5 B, Photovoltaic Cell - Sandwich made up of two slices of semi-conductor material, Crust - Made of relatively light elements, especially silica, aluminium and oxygen, Inner core - Extremely dense, it’s mostly of iron and nickel, Mantle - Earth’s thickest layer, Outer core - Made from iron and nickel but it’s in liquid form,




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