Roy had a very interesting morning. As always, he ____ up at 6 a.m., ____ dressed, ____ breakfast and ____ for work. His morning commute usually ____ an hour, so he ____ a lot of time to watch the world outside the bus window. First, he ____ a group of ____ trying to put out a fire of a warehouse near Roy's house. There ____ also some ____ keeping the peace and a lot of bystanders. Then, he saw a group of ____ playing their instruments outside a subway entrance. People were passing them by, only sometimes someone would stop and ____ a coin into a guitar case placed in front of the ____. Roy ____ that he wouldn't like to have to work like this. He didn't ____ his current job, but at least he ____ good money for it. Next, Roy observed a scene of two ____ in their navy uniforms having a fight in front of a ____. Even though it was an early morning, they were already ____ and it was visible that neither of them is going to ____ - they weren't even reaching each other with their fists! The last thing he saw on his way to work that morning ____ a surprisingly big group of women dressed as ____, crowded in front of a tall building. Roy ____ that this building ____ to a casting agency. He even ____ a couple of people dressed as ____ in spacesuits and cowboys with Stetsons on their heads and spurs on their boots . "What kind of movie are they auditioning for?", he ____ to himself. When he ____ his workplace, he ____ a cup of coffee and ____ behind his small desk in his small cubicle. He ____ his computer on and ____ his password. Then, he ____ his email inbox and ____ for any new and important messages he'd have to reply immediately to. No new messages. "That's a relief", he ____. Suddenly, he ____ that the person occupying the cubicle next to him sat behind her desk. Roy ____ and ____ his office chair to the wall dividing their stations. "You'll never believe what I've seen on my way here today...", he ____ his story.




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