Sonnet - A type of poem which has 14 lines and is mostly about LOVE., Ethiop - Referred to a black person in Shakespeare's time., Shakespeare - Possibly the most famous playwright in the world., Rhyming Couplet - When two adjacent line endings rhyme - also found at the end of sonnets., Marry - By the Virgin Mary, Marchpane - Marzipan, Hyperbole - An image which is exaggerated., Iambic Pentameter - Ten syllables in a line - 5 stressed, 5 unstressed - da DUM, Blank verse - When characters speak in meter, Prose - When characters speak in a common, unadorned way., Foreshadowing - When the playwright tells the audience something will happen before it does., Fate - An Elizabethan obsession - meaning everything is predestined., Simile - A comparison where the writer uses like or as, Rhetorical Question - A question which does not require an answer.,




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