Correct: I was sitting on the sofa when you arrived., When you arrived at the party, who was there?, When they left the museum, the sun was shining., While Henry was cooking dinner, Helen was reading a book., When I opened the door it was raining heavily., It started to rain while she was watering the flowers in the garden., The students were using their phones when the teacher entered the classroom., Jack was playing football when he hit his head., What were you doing yesterday when I called you?, When her train got to the station, we were waiting at the platform., Incorrect: I sat on the sofa when you were arriving., While the children were sleeping, their parents watched TV., Joe lived in Rio when he met his girlfriend., Carl studied when Gary was calling him., Meagan was breaking her arm when she played football., Yesterday I went to the library when I was crashing the car.., We played tennis when Kim was hurting her ankle., Molly and Lilly was having dinner., He was hearing a loud noise when he talked to his friend., He was meeting a lot of people while he worked in London.,

CNA - adv1 - Past Simple or Past Continuous?




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