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Accountant - A person that works with the money and accounts of a company, Actor - A person that acts in a play or a movie, Author - He writes books and novels., Baker - He makes bread and cakes., Butcher - A person who works with meat., Carpenter - A person, who makes things from wood including houses and furniture., Cleaner - A person that cleans an area or place., Dentist - A person who can fix problems with your teeth., Fire fighter - A person that puts out fires., Florist - A person that works with flowers., Hairdresser - She cuts your hair or give it a new style., Journalist - A person that makes new reports in writing or through TV., Lawyer - A person who defends people in court, Nurse - A person trained to help a doctor look after the sick or injured., Painter - He paints pictures or the interior and exterior of buildings., Postman - A person who delivers mail to your house., Soldier - A person that works for the army., Teacher - A person that passes knowledge to students., Travel agent - A person that organises and sells holidays and flights for others., Waiter - A person that works in a food outlet, looking after customers and serving food.,

Jobs and Professions


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