the action is finished, we want to show the result: She has painted her bedroom, now it's totally pink!, the action can be finished or not but we want to say that it took a long time: I've been painting this room since 9 a.m., I think I'll never finish it =(, life experience: I've been to 75 countries so far and I'm planning to visit more in the future., to explain a present situation: I've been working out for 2 hours! That's why I'm so sweaty and tired., the situation is still continuing and it's permanent (постоянная): This house has been here for over 100 years., the situation is still continuing but it's temporary (временная): I've been waiting for you for 30 minutes! Where have you been?, time expressions for present perfect: ever, never, just, already, yet, how much/many, recently, for, since, time expressions for present perfect continuous: for, since, how long,




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