1) Where _______________________(go) last Sunday? a) does Mary go b) did Mary went c) did Mary go 2) She _______________________(go) to the woods with her parents last Sunday.  a) goes b) goed c) went d) go 3) Mark _______________________(not study) Math every morning. a) didn't study b) don't study c) doesn't studies d) doesn't study 4) Julia and her mom often __________________(wash) the dishes. a) washes b) washed c) are washing d) wash 5) The dog always ___________________(wag) its tail. a) is wagging b) wags c) wagged d) wag 6) The principal of the school _____________________(say) a speech last month. a) says b) sayed c) said d) is saying 7) Every year Kate _____________________(go) to the beach. a) goes b) go c) gos d) went 8) The baker ____________________(not deliver) the mail every morning. a) don't deliver b) delivers c) doesn't deliver d) doesn't delivers 9) The cashier ___________________________(work) at the supermarket yesterday. a) works b) worked c) work d) is working 10) ___________________(have) English every day? a) Are you having b) Did you have c) Does you have d) Do you have

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