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USB - Universal Serial Bus, VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol, IM - Instant Messaging, PDA - Portable Digital Assistant, GPS - Global Positioning System, MMS - Multimedia Messaging Service, SMS - Short Message Service, GB - Gigabyte, PC - Personal Computer, HDD - Hard Disk Drive, SSD - Solid State Drive, CD - Compact Disc, LCD - Liquid Crystal Display, ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface, DVD - Digital Versatile Disc, HDTV - High Definition Television, Gb - Gigabit, IP - Internet Protocol, WiFi - Wireless Fidelity, SSID - Service Set Identifier, ISP - Internet Service Provider, DRM - Digital Rights Management, GHz - Gigahertz, NIC - Network Interface Card,
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