Last month we ____ a board game called PaxPamir. ____ a ton of interesting historical facts from it. The director M. Night Shyamalan ____ The Village in 2004. Since then, hundreds of psychotherapists ____ this film to their patients because of the way it illustrates the most difficult subjects in human life. Personally, I ____ it several times already. Also, it ____ the favourite movie of my late tutor. Gosh, it's only 4 o'clock, but it feels like much later. ____ so many phone calls today that my ears hurt. I ____ any lunch, either! From The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle: 'Where do you think that I ____ all day today?' - 'At home, of course.' - 'On the contrary, I ____ Devonshire.' - 'In spirit?' - 'Exactly. But my body ____ in this armchair and ____ in my absence two large pots of coffee and an incredible amount of tobacco.' From My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk: 'I am a corpse. Though I my heart ____ beating, no one, apart from my murderer, knows what’s happened to me. As for him, he ____ for my pulse and ____ for my breath to be sure I was dead, then ____ me, ____ me up and ____ me in the well.' From The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico: '____ the announcement? The government in London ____ everyone with а boat to sail across the Channel. They want us to take as many soldiers as possible off the beaches of Dunkirk.' From The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico: 'This woman ____ in Hardley Street for some years now,' Jim ____. 'She sometimes comes into mу shop and brings me the dolls to sell; she ____ that one last week. But ____ her smile. ' Since opening in 1951, Shakespeare and Company ____ a meeting place for anglophone writers and readers. This bookshop ____ by American George Whitman at 37 rue de la Bûcherie, Paris. When the store ____, it ____ Le Mistral. Whitman ____ it to the present name in April 1964 — on the four-hundredth anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth. I ____ Sasha Smith, we ____ at school together. But we ____ touch many years ago. Probably she ____ a lot since then. 'Do you remember when Nirvana ____ their Nevermind album?' - 'I'm not sure, but probably it ____ in the early 90-s.' - 'Yeah, and how many albums ____ since then?'




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