I live in Puerto. - Where do you live?, I live with my granny. - Who do you live with?, Yes, I do. - Do you have a pet?, It's a dog. It's small and white. - Tell me about your pet., Yes, I do. My best friend is Manolito. - Do you have a best friend?, He is tall. HE HAS BROWN HAIR AND BROWN EYES. - TELL ME ABOUT YOUR BEST FRIEND, No, she isn't. - Is your teacher dancing now?, Yes, I am. - Are you speaking English now?, There are 3 bedrooms in my house. - How many bedrooms are there in your house?, I live in a house. - Do you live in a house or in a flat?, It is small. There is a bed. There are 2 chairs.  - Tell me about your bedroom., Yes, there is. - Is there a table in your bedroom?, No, there aren't. - Are there books in your bedroom?, There is a dog. There are screens. - What is there in your English class?, It is on the shelves. - Where is the computer in your English class?,




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