1) The letter - sound relationship begins with what? a) Reading to a child b) Watching videos c) Flash cards 2) What does not support the process of reading? a) Language development b) Viewing social media sites c) Access to books 3) A child can learn to read if? a) The child speaks the dominant language b) The child can hear c) Provided the correct teaching strategy. 4) How many foundational skills are there in the reading process? a) 3 See it, say it, write it b) 1 Memorization- "hear-say" "look-say" c) 5 Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension 5) What must children learn in order to read phonetically? a) A speech sound matches a letter. b) Vowels are red and consanents' are blue. c) M stands for McDonalds




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