1) tall a) It is tall. b) It is short. 2) strong a) He is strong. b) He is weak. 3) pretty a) She is pretty. b) She is handsome. 4) happy a) They are happy. b) They are sad. 5) big a) They are big. b) They are small. 6) weak a) He is weak. b) He is strong. 7) long a) They are long. b) They are short. 8) young a) We are young. b) We are old. 9) funny a) The clown is funny. b) He is sad. 10) slow a) It is slow. b) It is fast. 11) tall a) She is tall. b) She is short. 12) cute a) It is cute. b) It isn't cute. 13) cute a) They are cute b) They are big. 14) happy a) She is happy. b) She is sad.

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