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The United Kingdom [of] Great Britain [and] Northern Ireland (or [simply] the UK) is the [political] name of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The other [part] of Ireland [is] the Republic of Ireland (or Eire). The UK is a [nation] and it is a [monarchy]. London is the capital [city] of the UK and of England. It is [in] the southeast of England. The capital city of Wales is Cardiff, in the south of the [country]. Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland,  is in [the] east of the country. The capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast and the capital city of the [Republic] of Ireland is Dublin. People [from] the UK are British, but [people] from England are [also] English, people from Wales are Welsh and people from Scotland are Scottish. People from Northern Ireland are Irish. The [majority] of the British [population] is in England..

The United Kingdom


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