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1) They .... a lot of interesting people. a) meet b) meets c) met 2) We .... to bed early on Saturdays. a) goes b) go c) see 3) My mother .....on Sundays because she is tired. a) relax b) relaxes c) work 4) My brother .....TV at weekends. a) see b) watches c) watch 5) I .... a newspapaer every morning. a) write b) reads c) read 6) He bed late on Sundays. a) doesn't stay b) don't stay 7) They ....... to school on Sunday. a) don't go b) doesn't go 8) He .....a lot. a) don't smoke b) doesn't smoke 9) Do you go shopping every day? Yes, I.... a) don't b) do 10) Does she speak Italian? No, she .... a) doesn't b) don't
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