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1) If you are ususally smiling and happy, you are ....... a) cheerful b) depressed c) moody 2) If people can depend on you, you are ...... a) unreliable b) easy-going c) reliable 3) If your room is always in a mess, you are ..... a) shy b) untidy c) ambitious 4) If you get annoyed when you have to wait for a long time, you are .... a) patient b) sensitive c) impatient 5) If you put off until tomorrow what you can do today, you are .... a) ambitious b) lazy c) hard- working 6) If you think the future will be good, you are...... a) pessimistic b) sociable c) optimistic 7) If you often give presents, you are ..... a) reserved b) generous c) envious 8) If your mood changes often and suddenly, you are .... a) talkative b) reserved c) moody 9) If you notice other people's feelings you are.... a) sensitive b) impatient c) shy 10) If you think it is important to succed in your career, you are ..... a) ambitious b) pessimistic c) talkative
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