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Headline - It catches your eyes and sums up the story.It is usually in larger font and often bolded, Byline - This tells you who wrote the article and sometimes gives you the journalist's specialty, Placeline - Tells you where the story originated, Lead - This gives you the most important information very briefly (usually who, what, when, and where), Body - It supplies additional information. It is divided into small paragraphs, Facts - Every news article includes simple, true statements about what happened, such as "The flooding set the building's security system off at 5:00 A.M", Quotations - These retell, word for word, what someone actually said. Usually these quotations come from witnesses at the scene, or experts on a subject. For example, Mrs. Nanavati, principal of fletcher's, said, "It was one of the most amazing thins I've ever seen., Photos and captions - also known as cutlines are a few lines of a text used to explain or elaborate on published photographs. ,

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