1) This shirt doesn't fit me. It's ... a) small enough b) too small c) enough small 2) Have we got... a) too milk? b) enough milk? c) milk enough? 3) Is this coffee... for you? a) strong enough b) enough strong c) strong too 4) We haven't got ... a) too wine b) wine enough c) enough wine. 5) This room is ... I can't hear you. a) too noisy b) enough noisy c) noisy enough 6) I haven't got ... Can you lend me 10€? a) money enough b) too money c) enough money 7) There aren't... for everyone. a) enough seats b) too seats c) seats enough 8) Because of the traffic, we couldn't move ... a) enough quickly b) too quickly c) quickly enough 9) I won't swim. The water is ... a) too cold b) enough cold c) cold enough 10) I don't think this suitcase is ... for all our things a) too big b) enough big c) big enough 11) The French teacher is talking... for me. I can't follow her. a) enough fast b) too fast c) fast enough. 12) I can't read here. There isn't... a) enough light b) too light c) light enough 13) You're ... to travel free. You'll have to buy a ticket. a) enough old b) too old c) old enough 14) Have you got... to buy a car? a) enough money b) too money c) money enough 15) Is this bag ... or do you need a bigger one? a) enough big b) too big c) big enough




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