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1) I will invite many people to the ......This is when my baby will be given a name. a) wedding anniversary b) christening party c) family reunion 2) At ..... people eat turkey and it is celebreated on the third weekend of November. a) Easter b) New Year' s Day c) Thanksgiving 3) Children who behave badly and act against the law will be taken to a..... a) foster home b) orphanage c) prison 4) We ....two years before the wedding. a) got married b) got divorced c) got engaged 5) When I was ...., I did not feel dizzy. a) pregnant b) on honeymoon c) a bride 6) .......children would always like to meet their real parents. a) adopted b) spoilt c) well brought-up 7) Who is the .....of your family? a) fiancé b) toddler c) breadwinner 8) Many newly wed couples go on ..... to Venice. a) a wedding ceremony b) honeymoon c) jubilee 9) Quite a few people choose to live in a ....... instead of getting married. a) honeymoon b) extended family c) common-law marriage 10) It is not the best to live in a ..... family a) broken b) loving c) distant
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