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I don't care who knows. I just love you - Linda, You can take a flying f**k at a rolling doughnut - Edward, Oh, shut up Perkins, y' boring little turd - Teacher, Oh Mickey, be gentle, be gentle - Linda, It sounds dead funny swearin' in that posh voice - Mickey, I know what you're doing to me! You gave him that locket, didn't you? - Mrs L, I've made a life out here. Not much of a one, maybe, but I made it - Mrs J, We have been undergoing a remarkable celluloid experience - Edward, There's a few bob in your pocket and you've got good friends and it seems that summer's never coming to an end - Narrator, If only we could predict no changes in the weather - Narrator, I hope for his sake he never has to ask me to marry him. He'll be a pensioner before he gets round to it - Linda, He's mad. If I was him I would have asked you years ago - Edward, Mickey, I'm going away University - Edward, Listen, I'm gonna do loads of overtime between now an' then, so the Christmas party's on me...right? - Mickey, Did you really feel that you'd become secure and the past was tightly locked away - Narrator, Fish fingers! - Mickey,

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