1) What does a Sunflower start out as? a) a root b) a shoot c) a seed 2) What happens first after the shoot pushes out of the ground? a) the leaves grow b) the stem grows c) the flower grows 3) What does germination mean? a) When something sprouts roots and shoots b) when something doesn't grow c) when something has beautiful colours on it 4) what vegetable is a ROOT vegetable?  a) broccoli b) carrot c) pepper d) mushroom 5) What vegetable is a STEM vegetable?  a) Celery b) carrot c) mushroom d) broccoli 6) How does a cactus survive in a hot climate? a) it has very short roots and can not reach water b) it has long, strong roots to reach deep underground to get water 7) How does an artic poppy survive in a cold climate? a) It grows very tall, gets attacked by the cold wind and dies quickly b) it grows low to the ground to stay out of the wind 8) What three conditions do plants need to survive? a) Wind, Water and Light b) Water, Heat and Milk c) Water, Light and a suitable Temperature 9) When is the best time to plant a sunflower seed? a) Summer b) Winter c) Spring d) Autumn 10) What happens when a sunflower dies a) nothing b) new seeds drop to the ground c) it dances 11) What grows downwards from the seed? a) shoot b) root c) stem 12) What animal can take pollen to a flower? a) bear b) worm c) bee d) fish




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