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1) People usually .....trees in autumn. a) plant b) chop c) twist 2) I don't like .......onion. It always makes me cry. a) planting b) chopping c) rubbing 3) If you want to drink lemonade, you have to ....a lemon. a) tear b) twist c) squeeze 4) If you want to eat good stuffed cabbage, you need to .......some cloves of garlic. a) tear b) crush c) chop 5) Students have to ...the board in the classroom. a) pour b) rub c) wipe 6) When children are sleepy, they .....their eyes with their hands. a) rub b) wipe c) pour 7) Playing in the garden the children ......their shirts. a) twist b) wipe c) tore 8) If you want to open the bottle, just .... the top. a) twist b) chop c) crush 9) Would you ..... some cola into my glass? a) pick b) pour c) plant 10) In spring people .......seeds in the garden. a) pick b) plant c) chop
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