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1) ........ you were reading, I did all the washing up. a) As soon as b) While c) Since 2) rained all day, we enjoyed hiking a) Although b) When c) Unless 3) ..... I arrived at the station, the train left. a) in case b) when c) whenever 4) You will fail the exam, study hard a) if b) after c) unless 5) They are the best friends, .......they argue a lot. a) although b) even though c) as long as 6) You can borrow my bike, use it carefully. a) as long as b) unless c) when 7) He bought ..... lovely dog. a) so b) so that c) such a 8) I was ... tired .....I couldn't do anything. a) such... that b) so...that c) as.. that 9) I will take an rains. a) if b) in case c) so that 10) I'll give you some can buy the tickets. a) so that b) because c) in case

11.B 9 conjunctions

by Anonymous


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