1) Describe what a good friend is 2) Say what you are going to do with your friends this weekend 3) Say who you get on with in your family and why 4) Say whether fashion is important to you and your friends 5) Describe your town 6) Say what there is to do in your town 7) Say what there used to be in your town 8) Give an advantage of your town 9) Give a disadvantage of your town 10) Say where you would like to live and why 11) Say whether you would prefer to live in the town or the countryside 12) Give your preferred method of transport 13) Say how you travelled on holiday last year 14) Give your opinion on public transport 15) Give an advantage of flying 16) Give a disadvantage of flying 17) Say what you like to study and why 18) Say what you did in school yesterday 19) Describe your school 20) Describe your ideal school 21) Say whether you would prefer to go to school in France or Britain 22) Give an advantage of school 23) Give a disadvantage of school 24) Say what your primary school was like 25) Say what you are going to study next year 26) Say if you eat healthily 27) Say what you do to keep fit 28) Say what you did last weekend to keep fit 29) Give an advantage of swimming 30) Give a disadvantage of a sport 31) Give an advantage of eating healthily 32) Give an example of an unhealthy lifestyle 33) Say what you are going to do to improve your lifestyle 34) Say what your favourite film is 35) Give an advantage of watching TV 36) Give a disadvantage of watching TV 37) Say what your ideal weekend would be like 38) Say what you did last weekend in your free time 39) Say where you normally go on holiday 40) Say where you went on holiday last year 41) Say where you are going on holiday next year 42) Give an advantage of going on holiday 43) Give a disadvantage of going on holiday 44) Say why tourism is important 45) Give an advantage of working 46) Give a disadvantage of working 47) Say if you have worked before 48) Say what your ideal job is 49) Say what experience you have for a job 50) Say what qualities you have 51) Say what skills you need for your ideal job 52) Say what your favourite dish is 53) Give an advantage of eating as a family 54) Describe a recent restaurant visit 55) Say if you help to cook at home 56) Give an environmental problem 57) Give a negative aspect concerning the environment 58) Say what you did last week to help the environment 59) Say how the environmental problems in your area could be improved 60) Say what you will do in the future to help the environment 61) Give an advantage of recycling 62) Say if you will do 'une année sabbatique' 63) Say what you will do in 10 years

French GCSE writing prompts


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