1) what is climate? a) day to day weather conditions b) weather over a week c) weather over a longer period of time d) the weather tomorrow 2) True or false? Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get? a) true b) false 3) Which of these is a greenhouse gas? a) Carbon dioxide b) Oxygen c) Methane d) Hydrogen 4) What are 3 natural possible cause of Climate Change? a) Volcanic activity b) orbital changes c) burning fossil fuels d) solar output e) deforestation 5) What 2 human activities are a possible cause of climate change? a) orbital change b) farming c) deforestation d) volcanic activity 6) Name 3 consequences of climate change a) unpredictable weather b) cold temperatures c) rising sea level d) melting ice caps 7) Name 2 environmental consequences a) migration of people b) loss of habitat c) low crop yield d) bleaching in the coral reef 8) name 2 human consequences a) Migration from low lying areas b) change in farming c) sea ice melting d) change in biodiversity 9) 2 ways of managing climate change a) recycling b) burn more fossil fuels c) renewable energy d) over grazing 10) how would alternative energy reduce causes of climate change? a) release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere b) reduce greenhouse emissions




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