1) You should eat more fruit and vegetables. It would ____________ you good. a) make b) do 2) How much money does a waitress ____________? a) make b) do 3) Could you ____________ the laundry today? We have no clean clothes. a) make b) do 4) Did their new business ____________ a profit last year? a) make b) do 5) There’s so much paperwork to ____________! I’ll be here all night! a) make b) do 6) Stop talking and ____________ some work! a) make b) do 7) Traditionally, three people ____________ speeches at weddings in the UK. The groom, the father of the bride, and the best man. a) make b) do 8) One tiny piece of chocolate cake won’t ____________ you any harm! a) make b) do 9) Could I ____________ a suggestion? Maybe we should give up work for today and go and have a drink. a) make b) do 10) I’d like to ____________ Julie an offer of a job. It would be full time in our office. a) make b) do 11) I’m not going to go ice skating! I’d only fall over and ____________ a fool of myself! a) make b) do 12) I feel terrible! I really must ____________ some more exercise! Will you come for a run with me tomorrow? a) do b) make




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