It's ____ ____ you arrived! I've been waiting for hours. We have some ____ to ____ before the show starts. I had the ____ ____ my ____ at your party. At the ____ of the ____, what matters most is the good deeds you do. The project is due tomorrow. It's ____ to the ____. We're in the ____ now. It won't be long before we're done. Take it easy - let's not ____ the ____. We have a few decisions to make first. My grandmother is really ____ the ____. She doesn't know how to use a computer. That was ____ ____ ____. You weren't even born yet. The test is tomorrow. I'd better study hard. It's ____ ____ We finished ____ ____ ____ for the customer to pick the order up. She has some ____ ____ from work next week. She has to visit her sick mother. Don't be in a rush to finish. it's OK to ____ ____ ____. I'll make that decision ____ ____ ____ ____, so don't wait for me. Time ____ ____ you refuse to even listen. I don't know if this appliance is well built. ____ ____ ____. Hurry up! Stop ____ time. ____ is ____! Don't worry. I know this trip is important to you, and I'll ____ ____ for it.




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