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1) I don't like chips, because they are oil. a) fried b) roasted c) boiled 2) The lemon is a .... fruit. a) bitter b) sour c) salty 3) We usually have 8 o'clock. a) dinner b) tea c) supper 4) If you don't like cooking, you can buy in the supermarket. a) exotic b) convenience c) delicious 5) I like Chinese ........, I can eat it at home. a) tinned food b) tasty c) takeaway 6) Peter likes cooking, so I will buy him a ........ a) bicycle b) cookery book c) chef 7) If you have .........tooth, you like chocolate. a) sweet b) bad c) big 8) Hamburger is a a) junk b) convenience c) tinned 9) Do you like ...... potatoes. a) melting b) peeling c) mixing 10) Beans belong to the a) seafood b) cereals c) pulses

12.B unit 6 food

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