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1) She is very good .....swimming. a) in b) at c) with 2) I am proud children, who do well at school. a) for b) about c) of 3) This area is famous .... wine. a) for b) of c) about 4) Are you excited ...... travelling to the USA. a) in b) of c) about 5) Eating fruit is good...... your health. a) to b) for c) at 6) He is jeallous ..... his friend who is a better student. a) for b) of c) in 7) You are responsible ..... your own life. a) for b) about c) of 8) I am fed up ....... his behaviour. a) with b) about c) at 9) Why are you so rude ..... your mother? a) with b) to c) for 10) My mother was angry when I failed the exam. a) at b) with c) to

10.A adejectives with prep.

by Anonymous


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