Do you watch the same film more than once? If yes, why?, What do you think of people who talk during films at the cinema?, Do you think there should be more films made in your country?, What do you prefer to do first, see the film or read the book? Why?, What is your favourite film?, What is the scariest film you know?, Do you think action films are bad for children? Why?, What is your favourite animated film?, What is your favourite film soundtrack?, What are some problems that famous people have?, Do you prefer watching films on TV or seeing them at the cinema? Why?, Can you remember the name of the first film that made you cry?, What do you like to eat or drink while watching a film?, Do you prefer watch films alone or with your friends /family? Why?, How old were you when you watched a horror film for the first time?, Should some kinds of movies not be made?, Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of a film? Why?, When was the last time you went to the cinema? What did you see?, What kind of movie would you like to star in? Why?, Do you like documentaries? , What is the most boring film in your opinion? , What do you choose more often - a book or a film? , Is there a film that you would strongly recommend? , What kind of snacks/drinks do you have when you watch a film? , Do you often binge-watch?, Do you think a film has to be expensive to become a blockbuster? Why? , If someone were to make a film about your life, what would you want to be included? , Do you prefer watching films in their original version or your mother language? Why? , What do you think about eating in the cinema or theatre? , Do you prefer watching films or TV series? Explain your choice. .


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