1) A runner _____ finish the race to win. a) can b) can't c) has to 2) I only want __________ sugar in my tea! a) little b) a little c) some 3) what's the opposite of 'smart'? a) intelligent b) messy c) slow 4) There's __________ pizza on the menu a) no b) any c) none 5) I love tea, __________ I can't stand coffee! a) also b) too c) however 6) I'm going to _____ some exercise. a) make b) have c) do 7) How _____ you going to celebrate? a) are b) will c) do 8) If you say 'I've got the blues' a) you're happy b) you're sad c) you're confused 9) Would you like to ______ me some lunch ? a) do b) make c) have 10) I like to __________ yoga a) do b) practice c) play 11) __________ I go on holiday this summer? a) should b) have c) do 12) If you __________ the job, you will make lots of money! a) got b) had got c) get 13) You __________ read this book, it’s really interesting! a) must b) have c) ought 14) my plane to New York flew __________ the Statue of Liberty a) on top b) over c) on 15) I'm really proud __________ my daughter  a) by b) with c) of 16) She reminds me __________ Madonna! a) of b) --- c) about 17) This summer I’m going to do __________ a) an internment b) an internship c) an interned 18) To binge watch means: a) to share your experience of doing something b) taking your time and watching a series slowly c) watching a series in a short period of time.




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