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1) Which island is famous for its sponges? a) Kalymnos   b) Corfu   c) Rhodes 2) When did the Olympic Games take place in Greece? a) 2014   b) 2004 c) 2000 3) Who wrote the Greek Ethnic Hymn? a) Dionisios Solomos b) Giannis Ritsos c) George Seferis 4) Which food is famous in Greece? a) Pizza b) Pitta Gyros c) Rice 5) A famous historic monuments in Greece is a) Acropolis b) Colosseo c) Kairouan 6) Who was Greece’s first governor? a) Ioannis Kapodistrias b) Alexis Tsipras c) Georgios Seferis 7) One open sea that Greece has is? a) The Ionian Sea b) The Black Sea c) The Atlantic 8) Pythagoras was a philosopher who came from a) France b) Greece c) Italy 9) A famous Greek classic singer was a) Montserrat Caballé b) Maria Callas c) Andrea Bocelli 10) Which are the colours of greek flag? a) Blue and white b) Blue c) white and red

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