1) Does ____ know where Kamila is? a) anyone b) someone c) anywhere 2) It's very dark in here. I can't see _____. a) any b) nothing c) anything 3) My backpack is empty. There's ______ in it. a) something b) anything c) nothing 4) We cannot go _____! The weather is awful. a) anywhere b) nowhere c) somewhere 5) Anna never uses her bike. She goes _____ by car. a) nowhere b) everywhere c) somewhere 6) I'm bored. There is _____ to do here. a) something b) anything c) nothing 7) ’Do you know ______ in Madrid?’ ’Yes, I have some friends there. a) anyone b) someone c) no one 8) There is _____ at the door. Go and open it. a) somebody b) nobody c) anybody 9) I’m looking for my glasses. I can’t find them _______ . a) somewhere b) anywhere c) nowhere 10) I must buy ______ for Pam's birthday. a) nothing b) anything c) something




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