1) I keep ____________ on weight, even though I've been cutting back on the junk food. a) putting b) gaining c) growing 2) We're _______ to leave at a moment's notice. a) get b) set c) settled 3) Once I pulled up to the bank, it ____________ on me that I had forgotten my wallet. a) thought b) worked c) dawned 4) You should see _______ that cut on your finger—it may need stitches. a) to b) up c) on 5) Your husband is still in critical condition, but we are expecting him to pull _________. a) over b) through c) away 6) After Lily fainted, we used smelling salts to get her to come ________. a) through b) over c) round 7) He always acts so generous and magnanimous, but I can see right _________ him—he only cares about himself, really. a) through b) forward c) off 8) I don't know why I was so worried; I ________ through the test! a) went b) sailed c) ran 9) I put it _______ you that you were not, in fact, at home when the fire broke out. a) towards b) into c) to 10) If kids are __________ on you at school, you need to tell me or your teacher about it. a) picking b) taking c) making




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