1) Barbara_________ dumplings yesterday at 3. a) was making b) made 2) _________ him last Monday? a) Did you meet b) Were you meeting 3) This time yesterday we _________ a) celebrated b) were celebrating 4) The children were playing in the garden while their mum ___________ a newspaper. a) read b) was reading 5) Greag __________ the whole chicken yesterday. a) ate b) was eating 6) This time yesterday Kate and John ____________ to London. a) were flying b) flew 7) What time ____________ last Sunday? a) did you wake up b) were you waking up 8) Tracy _____________ when the telephone_____________. a) was having a shower/ rang b) had a shower/rang c) was having a shower/ was ranging 9) Why ____________ at Robert when we ____________?  a) you shouted/entered b) were you shouting/were entering c) were you shouting/entered d) are playing 10) Frank ____________ a house in Italy many years ago. a) was buying b) bought 11) ____________ a car when I phoned you? a) Were you driving b) Did you drive 12) Judy and her boyfriend____________ films all evening. a) were watching b) watched 13) Our classmates ____________on a school trip last Monday. a) were going b) went 14) My boss ____________ e-mails from 2 to 5. a) sent b) was sending 15) My parents ____________ a puppy home last night. a) brought b) were bringing 16) We ____________ in the park when it started to rain. a) walked b) were walking 17) Why ____________ from her wedding? a) did she escape b) she escaped 18) The pupils ____________ their teacher for 15 minutes during the last lesson. a) disturbed b) were disturbing 19) Teresa and Sarah ____________ after my hamster all week. a) were looking b) looked 20) Martha ____________ her daughter to kindergarten last year. a) was sending b) sent




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