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1) My friend persuaded me .... that beautiful dress. a) buy b) buying c) to buy 2) The criminal denied ..... the money. a) steal b) stealing c) to steal 3) He suggested ...... an art gallery. a) to visit b) visit c) visiting 4) It's difficult to get there. a) to explain b) explain c) explaining 5) I came here ..... the president. a) meet b) meeting c) to meet 6) We stopped because it started to rain. a) to play b) playing c) play 7) The teacher made us .... the exercise again. a) to do b) doing c) do 8) I'll never forget ........him for the first time. a) to meeet b) meeting c) meet 9) This book is worth...... a) reading b) read c) to read 10) I have a bad cold, so I can't help ...... a) sneeze b) to sneeze c) sneezing

12.A unit 7 inf 2

by Anonymous


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